Green Africa’s Passengers Frustrated by Flight Cancellation ‘Without Notice’ — Global Times Nigeria

1657991348 263 Green Africas Passengers Frustrated by Flight Cancellation ‘Without Notice —
1657991348 263 Green Africas Passengers Frustrated by Flight Cancellation ‘Without Notice —

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Samuel Babatunde, a PhD student in the US, has accused Green Africa Airways of unjustly cancelling his flight and trampling on his rights.

On Tuesday, Babatunde, who had just returned from the US, booked a Green Africa flight from Lagos to Akure. The flight was to take off by 4:55 pm on Wednesday, but it never did.

By 3:20 pm on Wednesday, Babatunde was at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, but he was told that it was not time to check-in.

“By 4 pm, a flight attendant asked me if I was going to Akure, and I answered in affirmation. She told me that the flight had been cancelled and I was surprised. I asked why they would cancel the flight without prior notice, but I got no response,” Babatunde told FIJ.

He said people were stranded following the cancellation, as they were not notified beforehand. The cancellation happened suddenly, and many of the passengers had no money to stay in a hotel.

“After I raised my voice for a while, one of their staff, I think a station manager, came around. He said the flight had been cancelled and there was nothing he could do. I went to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and reported it. I filled out a form,” he said.

“I went to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCCA) and complained too. NCCA told them to provide evidence that they indeed sent messages to notify us that the flight would be cancelled, but they could not.”

He told them if they could not provide accommodation, they should provide his money. But a flight attendant told him, ‘You either have to come on Friday for your flight or collect your money in 30 days’ time.

Babatunde asked the flight attendant to call a senior official of the company, but he said he could not call anyone since they were the ones who cancelled the flight.

When FIJ reached out to Green Africa Airways, their call representative said they notified their passengers, but she could not provide evidence.

“Forty-Eight hours before the time, we sent messages to every passenger for the Lagos to Akure flight, telling them it had been cancelled,” the call representative said.