How N450,000 disappeared from retiree’s Wema Bank account — Global Times Nigeria

1657989255 How N450000 disappeared from retirees Wema Bank account — Global
1657989255 How N450000 disappeared from retirees Wema Bank account — Global


How N450,000 disappeared from retiree’s Wema Bank account

Beatrice Adeyeye, a retired public worker from Ibadan Polytechnic in Oyo State, has expressed concerns about the disappearance of N450,000 from her Wema Bank account.

The money was a loan from a cooperative group, and the retiree planned to use it to fund a personal project.

According to FIJ, Adeyeye said that the debit notifications on her phone showed that the money was moved through an Automated Teller Machine from the Wema Bank branch on campus, and that she had her ATM card in her possession throughout the illegal transaction.

“The debit alerts were two. When I saw the first one around 3:00pm on Monday, I ran inside to check my safe and to my surprise, the card was intact. Then, I saw another one. A total of N450,000 had been transferred out of my account,” she said.

Adeyeye said she had on Friday tried to use an ATM belonging to another bank in the Ojoo area of Ibadan when the ATM seized her card.

She immediately rushed to the Wema Bank branch on campus to lodge a complaint and she was issued a new ATM card that same afternoon.

Under the regulations of the Central Bank of Nigeria, all commercial banks are required to block an old ATM card for customers before a new card was issued.

Following the fraudulent withdrawal of N450,000 from her account, the pensioner visited the bank, but she was told the new card was probably stolen from her.

“The banker asked me for my bank details and the time the transaction was carried out,” she said.

“He checked their CCTV and showed me a clip of the supposed customer that used their ATM at that time. When I insisted that the new card was not stolen from me, they asked me to come back on Wednesday.”

On getting to the bank on Wednesday morning in the company with her son, Adeyeye was first asked by the bank manager if she was careless with her card details.

Meanwhile, Olaitan, the woman’s eldest son, said that two workers at the bank took his mother to the ATM on Wednesday for account verification.

“When they asked her to input her ATM card, one of them was video-recording her behind the machine,” he said.

“I think that is unprofessional to do. After doing that, the same card failed to validate the PIN she once used.”