Earn up to $69,420 as Welder in Canada


Thousands of employment are presently available in Canada for trained and experienced welders looking for new chances abroad. When you migrate to Canada as a welder, you will not only be able to earn up to $69,420, but you will also be granted permanent residence, which comes with perks like free public health care and schooling for you and your family up to Grade 12.

The Federal Trade Worker Program is the best immigration program for you to move to Canada as a welder; however, those who express interest in a specific province or territory and apply through a Provincial Nominee Program that has a high demand for their trade will have a better chance of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

The major provinces that have a high need for skilled welders and offer good work possibilities with an average salary of $69,420. When compared to the average wage in the United States, where a welder earns around US$39741 (C$52297.17), Canada is a significantly superior alternative for people seeking lucrative employment possibilities. Immigrant welders might find fantastic work and pay in the provinces and territories listed below:

Welders in Canada’s Highest-Paying Provinces

Average Annual Salary by Province/Territory

  1. Northwest Territories (Northwest Territories) $61,913
  2. The province of Alberta ($60,382)
  3. The province of British Columbia $54,600
  4. Manitoba ($40,950)
  5. $39,546 (Ontario)

It’s worth noting that, while the average salary in the Northwest Territories is greater, the cost of living there is significantly higher than in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You’d also be happier.