“He promised to destroy Tonto Dikeh after she cut ties with him”- Bobrisky’s ex P.A, Oye Kyme reveals

1653386842 He promised to destroy Tonto Dikeh after she cut ties
1653386842 He promised to destroy Tonto Dikeh after she cut ties
‘God punish all of you that said I was lying’ - Bobrisky's ex-P.A reacts to Tonto’s disclosure of Bobrisky engaging in anal s3x

Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky’s former personal assistant, Oye Kyme has weighed into his reignited feud with his former best friend, Tonto Dikeh.

The Ivorian influencer revealed that the crossdresser was mad at Tonto Dikeh because she blocked him on social media and cut all ties with him.

Bobrisky had earlier reignited the messy fight with Tonto when he called her out over an unpaid debt.

Bobrisky had called out Tonto for still owing him 5 million naira despite sending her his account number at her request.

According to Bob, he left Tonto Dikeh because she was a pain in his ass.

He stated that no friend can pay the number of bills he, Bobrisky paid on her head.

Bobrisky added that between him and Tonto, she knows fully well that he Bobrisky has a more crazy personality than her.

Bobrisky revealed how he sent his account number last year and hasn’t gotten a dime from the actress.

Not one to back down, Tonto Dikeh replied him as she stated that Bobrisky was only obsessed with her.

Bobrisky fired back at her. He stated that his looks and personality is enough to make him trend so he doesn’t need to clout chase with her.

The online drama escalated as the two ex bestfriend spilled dirt’s about each other.

Pitching tent with Tonto, Oye Kyme claimed Bobrisky went ballistic when Tonto blocked him on Instagram on the 22nd of February.

She claimed that the blocking pained Bobrisky and he called 12 people in one hour to tell them Tonto blocked him.

Oye Kyme claimed that since that day Bobrisky had vowed to destroy Tonto Dikeh with lies.

She wrote,

“Bob hanger started since the day Tonto blocked him on Instagram on the 22 of February. That blocking really pain him he called 12 people in one hour just to tell them that Tonto block him, so since that day he promised self to destroy Tonto by everyway buy examples lie on Tonto that she’s a drug a dick and she use to pee on the bed when she’s drunk so that she won’t find a man to take her serious. That blocking was like signing for the third war for Bob because he was not expecting Tonto to block him like that. We didn’t sleep that day”.