“I’m not competing with you Aunty” James Brown claps back at Bobrisky for mocking his AMVCA dress

Im not competing with you Aunty James Brown claps back
Im not competing with you Aunty James Brown claps back
“Ha, No Be By Force na’ bobrisky mocks James Brown over outfit to AMVCA [photos]

One of Nigerian major cross dresser, James Brown has fired back at Bobrisky for trolling him.

Yesterday Bobrisky thrown a subtle shade at his rival, James Brown.

The crossdresser who seemed to have lost his spotlight was clearly not happy with James Brown’s invite to the prestigious AMVCA.

James Brown had caught the attention of many when he stepped into the event with a royal-like costume which made him stood out.

Hours after his red carpet look made rounds on the internet, Bobrisky took to social media to mock him.

He stated that he saw someone’s dress which had got him laughing.

Bobrisky added that it isn’t a must he attends the visit and should have sat at home.

Many concluded that he was referring to James Brown.

“I see one person dress tonight laugh wan finish me. No be force. Sit down for house”.

Reacting to it, James Brown reminded Bobrisky that he isn’t the reason why he didn’t get AMVCA invite.

Defending his dressing, James Brown stated that his uniqueness is natural and from heaven.

Throwing more shades,he added that he doesn’t fake things like him.

He made Bobrisky know that he isn’t competing with him.

“I didn’t cause your problem not getting AMVCA Entrance ticket because my uniqueness is natural from heaven and not fake like some people that talk anyhow in Lagos while I rule UK and the Nation. Note: I’m not competing with you Aunty yiiii”.