“P**sy alone can’t get you all my achievements”-Laide Bakare speaks on being bankrolled by ‘sugar daddies’

1653910680 Psy alone cant get you all my achievements Laide Bakare speaks
1653910680 Psy alone cant get you all my achievements Laide Bakare speaks

Nollywood Actress Laide Bakare has reacted to the rumours that hit the Internet over the weekend, claiming that she has different sugar daddies bankrolling her ‘all of a sudden’ luxurious lifestyle.

it can be recalled that Laide Bakare who splashed millions on acquiring two luxury cars; an acquisition that is coming barely a month after unveiling her N100million Mansion in the heart of Lekki, had revealed that she got them to compensate herself for her years of hard work and labour; but many didn’t believe it is just hard work.

However responding to the allegations of having sugar daddies bankrolling Laide Bakare moments ago on Instagram claimed that if indeed she was sleeping around as the rumour claimed, her pussy will have expanded in vain.

“My BOOK, HOW TO GET SUPER RICH IN 6 MONTHS IS COMING SOON… How can you call it show off when I haven’t even told you I just got this NEW Benz last week, There is no secret to my success, it’s the result of PREPARATIONS. HARD WORK AND learning from my failure. Many efforts, MUCH PROSPERITY, I REPEAT. my sweat, my Reward, my pride, my home my happiness. If you think p**zy can get you all these Achievements …haha!!! omo!!! The Area go just expand in vain o, so stop lying to the public, the truth is that even presently I DO NOT HAVE A BOYFRIEND, My focus is majorly on my Business and my children.” Laide Bakare posted.