Amid ongoing ‘gbas gbos’ Laide Bakare ignores criticisms, showers praises on her daughter, Simi

1653734335 Laide Bakare finally shows off her daughter for the first
1653734335 Laide Bakare finally shows off her daughter for the first

Actress, Laide Bakare has reacted to the heavy backlash she received for claiming her 13 year old daughter bought her sibling a car.

It can be recalled that Laide Bakare had raised eyebrows as she revealed how her 13 year old daughter, Simi gifted her 9 year old brother a car on his birthday.

The actress’s son clocked 9 on Tuesday, May 31st and Laide Bakare went all out for him.

The highlight of it all was when the young lad was presented with a benz which was a gift from his sister.

The actress shared the good news on her Instagram page with the caption,

“Money truly stops nonsense my forthcoming book launch is gonna surely impact your life positively (how to make billions in 6 months) can’t wait to share with u. Simi is just 13, she just gifted her brother A Benz”.

Her post drew lots of backlash as many questioned how a 13 year old could gift her brother a car.

Reacting to the backlash, Laide Bakare shared a meme of the news on her Instagram as she begged her fans for a caption.

“Don’t even know what to caption this, abeg borrow me”.

In another post, Laide Bakare shared photos of her daughter as she eulogised her.

She thanked her for being the best child any parents could ask of.

“You are everything any parents could wish for. Thank you my daughter for being the kind and gentle person you have grown to be”.