“I couldn’t let go of how she impacted me” -Yul Edochie finally opens on why he married a second wife

1654275287 I couldnt let go of how she impacted me Yul
1654275287 I couldnt let go of how she impacted me Yul

Yul Edochie secretly married his baby mama Judy Austin over the weekend without his wife’s knowledge

Actor, Yul Edochie has finally revealed why he went ahead to marry actress Judy Austin, after a series of attacks and queries from online critics for marrying a second wife.

Gistlover recalls that Yul and his Judy Austin made headlines in April after they secretly got married without informing Yul Edochie’s main wife, May, who found out about it on social media like everyone else.

His first wife May Edochie reacting in the comment section of the post, wrote to the actor and Judy saying, “May God judge you both.”

However, actor Yul Edochie in a nine minutes video titled: ‘Why I married a second wife,’ uploaded on his Facebook page moments ago, explained that he married a second wife because he could not let her go after the impact she had made on his life.

He said, “At this stage in my life, I think it is possible for a man to love two women because two women can contribute differently to the man’s life.

“Someone cannot come into your life and make so much impact and you just cannot let this person go. Of course, a lot of people would say, as a married man, why did you allow a woman to come into your life. I said it is wrong, and I take the blame for that.

“These things happen. Let’s be honest. It happened to me. I realized I just could not let this wonderful woman leave my life.

“These are very wonderful women in their own rights. They bring different things to the table. You can actually love two women. A man can actually love two women at the same time. I thought it was not possible, but now I realize it is possible.”