I took too long in bathroom — so restaurant called the cops

1655395624 I took too long in bathroom — so restaurant called
1655395624 I took too long in bathroom — so restaurant called

A black woman who attended the Pride parade in Washington D.C. felt dehumanized and humiliated after taking too long in a Subway bathroom.

Dasia Jones, from Maryland, was celebrating at the Pride parade when she suffered a “serious wardrobe malfunction” that exposed her naked body from her crotch up to her breasts.

In a panic, she said she ran into a nearby Subway sandwich shop and explained her situation, asking to use the bathroom in order to fix her strapless denim jumpsuit.

Jones claimed that the restaurant workers allowed her to use the bathroom but then called 911 less than five minutes later.

As Jones and her friend attempted to cover her up, the police began banging on the door as the employees yelled at them to exit the restroom immediately, she claimed in a now-viral Twitter thread picturing the Subway fast-food chain on U Street in D.C.

The Post did not receive an immediate response from Subway.

Subway on U Street where woman claims she was humiliated while half naked
Jones recounted her humiliating experience in a Twitter thread that has since gone viral.

“At this point, I am in tears because I thought I was going to get arrested for no reason!! I was forced out of the bathroom while my breast are exposed in a crowded Subway,” she explained on Twitter, where she amassed 7,921 likes and 4,181 comments in three days.

Jones said she was in tears while being “publicly embarrassed” when her wardrobe malfunction got even worse and her zipper broke.

She said that the police officer recognized the severity of her situation and need for privacy and instructed the employees to allow her back into the bathroom. But once the police left, the employees allegedly kicked her out of the bathroom again, clenching onto her clothes “for dear life” as the restaurant workers threatened to put her on the street half-naked for being a “disruption.”

Adding to her embarrassment, she claimed a customer told Jones that she “deserved to be naked” because of her outfit choice.

“I am diagnosed with anxiety so now I am hysterical as people are watching me be dehumanized and publicly humiliated,” she said. “I feel stripped of my rights to even feel confident and beautiful.”

Dasia Jones in her strapless denim jumpsuit
Jones was celebrating at the Pride parade when her strapless denim jumpsuit broke exposing her crotch up to her breast.
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Besides the comment from one rude customer, Jones said that no one else offered to help or intervene but watched on as the situation escalated.

“I literally stood in the subway holding my breast clenched over crying because I felt hopeless and the subway tried to call the police again!!” Jones recounted.

Eventually, she said a fellow Pride parade celebrator gave her a transgender flag to wrap around and cover herself.

“I have been suffering from extreme anxiety and I have been feeling very sick to my stomach. I am in so much mental pain from this situation. I am just thankful that I didn’t get a crooked cop because that could’ve been the end of my life due to a wardrobe malfunction,” she said.

Dasia Jones posing in a black dress
She claimed that Subway employees initially allowed her to use the restaurant but quickly called the police and yelled at her as she was half naked.
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“The confusion and humiliation I felt was unbearable,” Jones told NeedToKnow.online.

“I feel like if you didn’t want me in your bathroom, just say no, I would have tried to go somewhere else. This was just the closest accessible place to get myself together.”

“My anxiety was at full speed and I felt mentally stripped just as much as I was physically,” she remembered.

“The employers just have no respect for humanity whatsoever. I knew during that moment that people are going to know about how disgusting this establishment is.”

In 2018, a Subway in Georgia made headlines with a similar situation an employee called the police on a black family of five for visiting the bathroom too many times.