Man narrates how his ex girlfriend turned him to an errand boy

1655442773 Man narrates how his ex girlfriend turned him to an
1655442773 Man narrates how his ex girlfriend turned him to an

A heartbroken man identified as @Etubolion on twitter has narrated his heartbreaking ordeal with his ex girlfriend.

He recounted how his ex had unfortunately turned him into an errand boy for her other boyfriend.

He wrote:

“I will not mention your name: but you know yourself. I dated you when I was 21. I came to your mom’s shop one day and we were talking. You just soji, I asked what happened and you said your uncle sent you beans and you forgot, that he would beat you. Then I offered to help.

I didn’t want your uncle to beat you. So, you gave me money and plate to go get the beans and bread plus name and address of where i was supposed to drop it. I rushed to elewa shop and bought the bread and beans.

After buying it, i carried my eleda enter sun and ran to the address and delivered it. I even begged him. He smiled and told me bye., Well, i didn’t know the “uncle” was your other boyfriend. You crugged my ego fam. Emiiiii white lion!!!. I mean, I wasn’t white lion then, more like white antelope. But stillilllll. Meeeeeeeee.

So many heartbreaks, but this one tops the list. I get flashbacks of me running and Carrying plate to that elewa shop whenever I look in the mirror. I also randomly get flashbacks of when ‘ Okada nearly jammed me. I just didn’t want them to beat you. The most painful part, my eledaaaaa! My head! My creator! I carried my head enter hot sun. Ha.

You are a ba#tard; you and that oloshi guy. Him sef collect food from me like chairman. So because you were older than me, you use seniority to re mi je. Mel!!!!!!!. I cried! I left you to God for a while, but I don’t want God to handle it again. You will see me in action. Me! Ha! Child of when water is hot you use it to make eba. Child of when chicken does your grind pepper.

I will not gree. By the time I’m done with both of you ehn. This world be not contain us. Let us bet. We have put our legs in the same trouser. You will see me soon.  Don’t judge me. i know I fu#ked up… who never fu#k up hands in the air… no hands?”

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