‘My gay moms oppressed me’

1655385861 My gay moms oppressed me
1655385861 My gay moms oppressed me

This TikTokker is getting candid about her so-called childhood “trauma” of being the child of LGBTQ parents.

Sidney Clementine posted a video on the social media platform that has since gone viral where she jokingly opened up about feeling “oppressed” while living with her lesbian moms.

“My gay moms oppressed me,” she scribed alongside the TikTok, which racked up 631,000 views and more than 100,000 likes as the nation celebrates gay pride month. “I was raised by gay moms growing up, and I want to tell you about the times that they did not accept me for who I was.”

While many commenters expressed their sympathy for her apparent plight — others caught on to the joke. “So glad this is satire”

With a deadpan face that fooled many viewers at first, Clementine hilariously described the times she didn’t feel supported by her moms. The influencer explained that she wanted bright-pink, punk rock hair when she was a teenager.

“I was told that I could get the haircut if I chose to, it was my own head, but that I would look stupid. I felt oppressed,” she said.

Clementine also showed a shot of Disney’s “Peter Pan” when the Darling children were flying.

“When I was 7 years old, I believed that if I jumped off of a high enough ledge, I could fly like they do in ‘Peter Pan,’” she continued.

“[My moms] did not allow me to do this. I’m not sure why. But once again, not accepting of my life choices,” Clementine added.

The last instance that she noted when she felt “oppressed” was when she “wanted to go to school dressed like the Disney teens” — specifically Zendaya’s character of Rocky Blue in the TV series “Shake It Up.”

Clementine joked she wanted to dress up like Zendaya from Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” but her moms wouldn’t let her.

“Lots of layers and clashing fabrics. I would have been a fashion icon,” she quipped. “Alas, my moms did not accept me for who I was meant to be. It was straight-phobia in its purest form, and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

Users were taken aback at first glance at the video — until they watched it in full and laughed with Clementine.

“I actually thought you were serious at first,” one person wrote. “I’m so glad this was satire,” another user said.

In a separate clip posted earlier this month, Clementine humorously “came out as straight” to her gay mom in honor of Pride Month via the telephone.