Pork ribs cyst-popping video disgusts viewers: ‘I’m going vegan’

1655157904 Pork ribs cyst popping video disgusts viewers ‘Im going vegan
1655157904 Pork ribs cyst popping video disgusts viewers ‘Im going vegan

You don’t want to see where the sausage gets made — nor how the ribs get smoked.

A TikTok showing a cyst exploding in some pork ribs has left users both disgusted and fascinated — sparking a debate as to whether or not the meat is safe to eat.

The clip shows a woman gently squeezing a white bump embedded in a piece of raw meat as it oozes its creamy whitish contents.

“#Ribsgonewrong,” wrote Amy McLendon in the caption of a video first published last November, which has garnered almost 16 million views. Just last week, the stomach-turning footage recaptured social media audiences via TikTok user @antonioshinzo.

Viewers were divided on whether or not the pork was safe to eat if it contained cysts, as many declared the clip alone was enough to make them vegetarian.

“I’m going vegan,” one user wrote.

“Throw the meat out,” advised another.

“Low quality meat is often from cows who had cancer,” one noted. “That’s a cyst. Very common.”

Others, too, claimed it was normal to find cysts in meat.

“That’s a gland mate,” a user wrote. “There is a few of them and always in the same spot depending on fat coverage, size etc, need to trim them out.”

“I’m a butcher. It’s an abscess,” added another. “Just cut it out and the rest of the ribs are fine.”

An abscess is a pocket of pus occurring in living tissue and, in animal meat, is usually caused by an infected wound. They present as firm lumps of white fibrous tissue filled with thick white or green pus, and should be avoided to prevent contaminating the safe-to-eat parts of the muscle.

Not uncommon to those who frequently handle game, most abscesses are spotted — and carved out — during the butchering process, according to wildlife hunting authorities with Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game.