“Sometime ago I was paid as low as N1000 for a role in Nollywood, it was terrible”– Uzor Arukwe recounts

1654932349 Sometime ago I was paid as low as N1000 for
1654932349 Sometime ago I was paid as low as N1000 for

Actor, Uzor Arukwe, he had indeed paid his price and now reaping the benefits of his sacrifice.

The actor in an interview opened up about his early years in Nollywood and rising to fame.

He also detailed how he quit 10 years in the corporate world for a career in Nollywood and the challenges he encountered in his early years.

“The challenges I faced were basically being undermined and underrated,” the ‘Sugar Rush’ star shared. “A lot of people did not know what my capabilities were, so they were not sure if I could act or not. I had to prove that I knew what I was doing and I was good at it. I have been trained for this and waiting for opportunities (for some time).”

He continued “also the fees one got for acting was ridiculous. One could act a role or two, and be paid as low as N1,000. It was terrible but like in every other industry, one has to keep pushing. One must be consistent and persistent.”

The movie star has starred in over a dozen Nollywood productions ranging from Iroko productions to cinema films and web/TV shows. Some of his notable features include Kayode Kasum’s ‘Sugar Rush’ and Ndani TV’s cancelled web series ‘ Oga Pastor!’