Woman shocked over ‘X-rated’ discovery in MIL’s house

1655250449 Woman shocked over X rated discovery in MILs house
1655250449 Woman shocked over X rated discovery in MILs house

There are some threads you don’t want to tug — particularly when that thread is attached to some suspicious looking paraphernalia in your mother-in-law’s house.

One woman was left blushing and befuddled while cleaning out her in-law’s cupboards after stumbling across a bizarre, phallic object.

“OK, we found 2 of these doily thingies while cleaning out my MILs house,” she shared on Facebook, alongside a photo of an erect object that was covered in a red and pink crochet slip.

The increasingly mortified daughter-in-law continued, “Please tell me this is not what we think it is. There has to be an innocent use for them like a candlestick cozy or something??”

red and pink crocheted bouquet cover
A woman on Facebook shared a strange discovery she made while cleaning out her mother-in-law’s house. “Please tell me this is not what we think it is,” she pleaded.

The puzzling images prompted hundreds of comments on Facebook over the weekend within the closed group Things Found in Walls — And Other Hidden Findings, which boasts over 534,000 members.

“I feel like MIL had some adventures,” one follower suggested.

Joked another, “It’s a Phallus Flower. Dating back to the Victorian era. They were worn by the upper class men during their dressing with the valet, to provide modesty.”

“Sometimes a guy just likes to feel fancy,” one follower claimed.

Someone also said they believed the erotic whatchamacallit could be “an early day failed attempt at a condom.”

Despite the array of the X-rated comments, the answer was wholly G-rated.

Said one Facebook user, “My grandma used to have one” — as others also recognized it as an old-fashioned dressing for floral bouquet stems.