Woman’s window seat hack divides people

1655762463 Womans window seat hack divides people
1655762463 Womans window seat hack divides people

Ain’t no mountain high — but how low can you go while flying the friendly skies?

A woman caught on a Twitter video has sparked a discussion on flight etiquette after the clip showed her returning to her seat in a rather questionable, if not rude, way.

A Twitter user by the name of Brandon shared the video of the divisive act last week, showing the unidentified woman climbing over three other people — one of whom appears to be a toddler seated on an adult’s lap — to get to her window seat. All three of them are awake, and presumably could have stood and moved to the aisle to make way for her return, especially for the safety of the child.

“The most criminal activity I’ve ever seen on an airplane,” Brandon tweeted, as the upload shows the woman stepping onto the armrests, while holding onto the backs of several seats, to get to her own. She does, however, arrive back at her seat quickly and performs her small climb with notable steadiness.

But according to Brandon’s tweet, the woman was hopping over other passengers for “the whole seven hour flight.”

The video immediately sparked a heated discussion, with some thinking it was a good alternative to keep asking people to move, while others questioned how sanitary it was — especially if she had just returned from using the restroom and was stepping on their armrests.

Twitter users were divided over the woman's seat solution.
Twitter users were divided over the woman’s technique for returning to her seat on the plane.
Twitter users were divided over the woman's seat solution.
Some Twitter uses pointed out her neighbors didn’t appear to mind.

“She goes to the lav in socks, picks up some urine and fecal bits on them, sprinkle some more gross things from the galley and aisle, then put those disgusting things on my armrest?” one appalled Twitter user wrote. “No thanks!”

“Wait. She couldn’t walk around? Where are the flight attendants?” another asked. “No one told her NO!? Oh hell no.”

Others were unbothered by the caught-on-video act.

“I have no issue with this and it doesn’t appear that those seated next to her do either,” another user, named Mary Moody, wrote. “Did they complain or is it only you?”

In response to Moody, a commenter named Robert Staud said, “You have no issue with this? Just because they didn’t verbalize a complaint doesn’t mean they weren’t annoyed… if they would have complained they would be the bad guy. I would have told her to be a [normal human] being.”

Others took the opportunity to let the user know it can get much worse, especially as the past several years have seen caught-on-video brawls break out onboard.

“If that’s the ‘most’ criminal activity you’ve seen on a flight, you obviously haven’t flown much,” one user wrote. “Just be thankful there wasn’t a ‘Karen’ onboard, or some snot factory sitting next to you or kicking your seat. Better luck on your return flight.”