Hop aboard the Colorado Railroad Museum’s latest attraction

hop aboard the colorado railroad museums latest attraction
hop aboard the colorado railroad museums latest attraction

With subway crime surging, John Payne is offering Americans a new, nostalgic way to blow off some steam.

Payne is the general manager of the Colorado Railroad  Museum and Table Mountain Inn, which in April, launched a new outdoor catering and party venue dubbed Table Mountain Station.

“It’s a great place for New Yorkers to come take a relaxing train ride,” he told The Post. “I take mass transit all the time and there are days that are not so great. When you come out here, you can just relax and enjoy the fun and romance of trying something totally different. You get to see what riding the rails should be.”

Conveniently located next to the Coors brewing facility in Golden, Colo., about 20 minutes from Denver, the year-round “station” boasts a 15-acre railyard with “over 100 narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses, Galloping Geese railcars and a landscaped, outdoor garden railroad,” accortrding to Payne.

Interior of an historic Colorado train.
Hop aboard one of the historic trains running from the museum.
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Exterior of a train at Table Mountain Station.
Steam trains meet steaming hot chef specials at Table Mountain Station just outside Denver, Colo., the newest part of the museum.
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Exterior of a taco shop along the journey.
A colorful Mexican stop along the way.
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It hosts everything from weddings, company parties and after-hour events to birthdays and family reunions. Menus ranging from $65 to $150 per person and the event space rent starts at $1,000 for up to 99 guests.

But of course it’s really all about the trains.

Guests can choose between three train rides including the Galloping Goose #7 (one to 100 guests for $500), a diesel locomotive with passenger cars (one to 300 guests for $1,250) or an iconic steam locomotive with passenger cars (one to 500 guests for $3,000).

“I think New Yorkers will just be amazed about all the open space just to get out of a city that’s so packed,” Payne said. “There is also a romance to a train ride. You can forget all the stuff that’s going on in the news and just relax and think about a simpler time when transportation was sexy and fun.”