Why I promote gender equality – Tems

why i promote gender equality tems
why i promote gender equality tems

Sensational Nigerian songstress cum composer, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems had quite an engaging moment at the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana where she spoke about why she always promotes gender equality.

As fans cheered on, Tems was asked why she always promotes gender equality in her song and podcast by the hosts.

The singer who is known to celebrate her female colleagues, said in response that she promotes gender equality because women do not get enough chances. She added that women need more chances and opportunities, and if she can give it, then she would.

Tems who recently revealed her mum being attacked by robbers is the inspiration behind her ‘Mr Rebel’ song said:

“We don’t get enough chances. Women need more chances, women need more opportunities in this world. And if I can give it, why not.
“I feel if you love someone you show them off.
“And I want to show off every woman in this world because they deserve it”

Little wonder Tems responded to her senior colleague, Waje’s request for a collaboration.

Waje, born Aituaje Iruobe, attracted mixed reactions from fans after she publicly sought a collaboration with Tems in a Twitter post.

In a tweet late Monday, the 42-year-old pleaded to her fans to convey her wishes to the ‘Crazy Tings’ star. Waje tweeted:

“Imagine @temsbaby and I on track. Please, guys, whisper to her.”

Responding to the request on Tuesday, September 20, Tems quoted the post, asking the vocalist to check her inbox. She replied:

“Check yah dmss Siss.”

Waje made her debut in the music industry with a feature on P-Square’s’“Do Me’ in 2007, while Tems came to the limelight in 2019 after her single, ‘Try Me’.

Tems also gained international recognition after her collaboration with Grammy winner Wizkid on the hit song ‘Essence’.